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Simply download, re-brand, upload, and profit from our DFY video course.

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Evergreen topics are timeless & NEVER get old or outdated! This high quality product can be sold for years to come!

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  • Rapidly grow your list by offering it as a gift!
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  • Add it as an upsell to your other products!
  • Re-purpose it as an audio program!
  • Train your team and VAs!
  • Sell it as your high quality seminar, webinar, or training!
  • Turn it into a physical product and sell it to business's for $127+ and multiply your profits!
  • Grow your own brand and authority online!
  • Train local clients & business's to pull in HUGE profits!
  • Convert to a physical product and sell it for top dollar on your own website!
  • Create a public domain service and charge thousands of dollars!

Q: What Is The Public Domain?

Public Domain content is any content whose copyright is currently expired or whose work was donated to the public domain.  (Ex: Shakespeare, Beethoven, Jane Austen, Napoleon Hill,  Classic Movies, Gov't Works, Donated Material, etc.)

Why Do Marketers & Businesses Need This High-Quality, Evergreen Topic On The Public Domain?

Finally A PLR Product Worth Getting Excited For!

Dear Friend,

  • Are you sick and tired of spending long hours online only to see minimal results in your online business?
  • Would your life be dramatically different if you had your own product to sell and make money online the way the PROs do?
  • And wouldn't it be even sweeter if someone came along and gave you a shortcut to making big profits online?

Hi, I'm Jason Gregory, a successful online marketer who has achieved total financial freedom thanks to the success my team and I have been able to consistently achieve over the last few years. And the team here at NextGenPLR want to show you an opportunity we all wish we had discovered when we were struggling early on in our internet marketing careers.

Like a lot of people, I spent thousands of dollars and hours online, and found out the hard way, that most of the methods to make money online are not all they are cracked up to be.   

Thats right.  I've done blogging, CPA marketing, affiliate marketing, and countless other internet marketing models.  It's not that those models don't work, they do, but I just wasn't seeing the results I wanted.


I Wanted FREEDOM!  


And the profits I was making from those models weren't getting me any closer to freedom.  It wasn't until I discovered the system I'm about to share with you, that I was able to make more money than ever and achieved Lifestyle Freedom!

After many years of researching, testing, and profiting from multiple internet marketing models, I finally discovered something that catapulted me to success, and I want to share that with you now!

Selling Your Own High-Quality, Evergreen Info-Products

Benefits of Selling Your Own Info-Product in an Evergreen Topic:

  • Receive instant credibility and authority from customers
  • Info-product creation is an $80 Billion dollar industry 
  • Evergreen means it's timeless content
  • Never gets old or outdated
  • Doesn't rely on "marketing fads" or "tricks"
  • Income is not limited to specific advertising & social media platforms
  • Multiply profits by targeting an endless amount of niches
  • Create passive income
  • Have affiliates competing to sell YOUR product, instead of competing as an affilate to sell someone else's
  • Sell & Profit from anywhere in the world 
  • Re-purpose your product in multiple formats to create MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME
  • Can help you experience LIFESTYLE FREEDOM
  • You can start your own info-product business TODAY

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

You see, if you own an in-demand product, it's like having your own 24-hour ATM that spits out cash every morning, noon, and night.  And it has the potential to completely change your financial life!

But, let me ask you...


  • Do you own a Top Notch, In Demand Info-Product?
  • Is your product evergreen, so that it never gets old or outdated?
  • Do you have an extra 300+ hours to spare in order to create a HQ video product?
  • Can you afford $3,000-$5,000 to hire an outsourcing team to create and finish the product?

And there lies the GIANT PROBLEM...

It's extremely difficult to create a great info-product.  The amount of time, research, creativity, and techinical abilities needed can be very overwhelming.  So overwhelming that most people just give up on the idea of creating their own products. 

In fact, here is a quick breakdown of the time and money needed to create a high-quality, in-demand product:

This is why YOU NEED A SHORTCUT, so you can have your own high-quality product to start selling immediately, without spending thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours of your time.

We created this Video Training Course with you in mind. We are so excited to show you our unique, one of a kind product, "Public Domain Mastery Training Course". 

It's ready to sell "right out of the box," and includes graphics and sales material so you can get started right away!

Simple 4-Step Shortcut To Your Own Product

Finally, You Have The Opportunity To Sell A Top Notch Product In a Evergreen Topic With Your Name On It & Profit For Years To Come!

Follow This Simple 4-Step Process:

  1. Download It
  2. Re-Brand/Edit It
  3. Upload It
  4. Sell It 

That's how easy it is when you get Private Label Rights to this high quality Public Domain Training.

Public Domain Mastery PLR Video Biz-In-A-Box proudly presents...

"Public Domain Mastery" Exclusive Training

(Complete Private Label Rights Included)

Our exclusive, Public Domain Video Training is easy to follow and helps the viewer get real results in the quickest time possible.  There's no unneccesary fluff added that just wastes the viewer's time.

And remember, this is an actual training course, not a video pack with random videos on the public domain.


 Why Our PLR Products Stand Out From The Rest


Newly Created Video Course & 100% Unique

Unique presentation style and over the shoulder style videos.

In-Demand Evergreen Niche

This content never gets old or outdated. You can profit for years to come!

Quick & Easy To Set-Up

Simply download, make any minor edits, upload, and sell!

Complete Biz In A Box

This course also comes with a checklist, resource guide, swipe files, minisite templates, graphics and so much more!

Hypnotic Sales Page & Sales Copy

Sales material is done. Simply add your payment button.

Professional Graphics

High quality minisite templates, banner & 3D graphics included for you to attract customers!

Limited Copies at Low Price

Limited copies reduces your competition!

Quick & Friendly Customer Support

We pride ourselves on our professional customer support and try to respond in a timely manner.

Take A Peek Inside:

You get to sell the high-quality course, "Public Domain Mastery", which comes with the following modules to start making money right away.

Module #1

High-Quality Video Training (Valued at $997)

-12 Step-By-Step Video Modules, 17 Videos Total of High-Quality, Hi-Def Videos on the Public Domain.

-This Public Domain Video Training is super easy to follow in order to get real results ASAP.  

-No unneccesary fluff added to fill up time. 

 -American-English voice makes it easy to understand as they walk the viewer through the course.

-Videos flow together in a logical sequence. These aren't random videos that you still have to put together.

-MP-4 videos, compatible with PC & Mac computers.

-As a buyer, you can get real value by watching the videos yourself and become a Public Domain Master to take your online business to the next level!

-You can easily charge $17-$97.  If you sell just one copy at $27 dollars, you've made your money back.  All other sales are pure profit!

-This course is done and ready to sell within hours of purchase!  No editing is needed unless you want to add your own logo.

-Evergreen topics are NEVER outdated!  They are timeless topics in which the information doesn't change all that much.  Think of gardening, dog training, personal finance, etc. 

-Set & Forget & Profit for years to come!  Since it doesn't need constant updating you can upload your product and sell it without needing to update it a year or two from now!


Here is a breakdown of the videos in the course:

Video 1: Introduction

Video 2: Public Domain - The Big WHY

Video 3: Public Domain - WHAT Is It?

Video 4: Public Domain - What's IN It For Me?

Video 5: Checking Copyright Status

Video 6: Public Domain - WHERE To Get It

Video 7: Public Domain - Making Money

Video 8: Public Domain - Books

Video 9: Public Domain - Images

Video 10: Public Domain - Government Works

Video 11: Public Domain - Audio/Video

Video 12: Public Domain - How to Sell Your Products

Check Out This Small Clip From The Course!

Module #2

Hypnotic Sales Page & Sales Copy (Value $300)

-High Quality sales letter is done-for-you and ready to sell immediately!

-Simply add your own payment button and your name to start collecting payments!

-Written to convert prospects into buyers!

-Save hours of time and copywriting fees!

-Thank You Page is included as well!

Module #3

7 Professional Minisites (Value $200)

-Seven different colors and mini-sites!

-All the pages you need are included:

  • Home Page
  • Contact Page
  • Privacy Polict
  • Disclaimer
  • Terms of Use
  • Sales & Download Page
  • Affiliate Page

Module #4

Set of Banners (Value $160)

-Six high-quality animated banners!

-PNG/JPEG files included! 

-Saves you money by not having to outsource to a freelancer!

-Saves you time to do whatever you want!

Module #5

Set of Professional 3D Graphics (Value $97)

-All the graphics you need to start selling this course is included!

-Complete set of e-cover graphics




-PNG/JPEG files included

Module #6

Resource Cheat Sheet (Value $20)

-Awesome Resource Cheat Sheet that fetures the best websites, tools, and resources to profit from the Public Domain!

-Can print it out or download to computer!

-Adds even more value to this high-quality course!

-Keeps them on course to be successful!

Module #7

Checklist (Value $20)

-Checklist for customers to print out or download to their computer!

-Great compliment to the video course!

-Easy to follow steps!

-Ensure a product is in the public domain!

-Complete & Ready to be used and sold!

Module #8

Set of E-mail Swipe Files (Value $240)

-Send these e-mails to your subscribers and start making sales right away!

-Simply copy & paste to your auto-responder and you're done!

-These were written to get high response rates!

-We are giving you everything you need to succeed!

Module #9

Set of Social Media Swipes (Value $240)

-Use these to easily drive traffic to your product offer!

-5x Facebook/Google+ Posts

-5x Twitter Tweets

-5x Forum Signature Calls-To-Action

-5x Email Signature Calls-To-Action

Module #10

Keywords (Value $240)

-List of highly searched keywords related to the public domain!

-Easily target keywords on PPC networks like Google Adwords and Bing!

-List includes search terms, people, brands, and businesses you can target!

-We are giving you everything you need to succeed!

Module #11

Infographic (Value $40)


-Perfect compliment to the course!

-Another tool for reference to make you stand out!

-Give away to build your list!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It. Here's What Previous Customers Have To Say:

"Wow, finally a PLR product worth buying!"

Jared H.

"Hey there J. I wanted to thank you guys for everything you do.  Thanks to your course, I've made enough to go on my summer vacation now! Thanks again. Can't believe how simple this was. Please tell me you will have more products like this in the future???!!!

Teresa Grace

"Bro this is insane! I've already made my money back and it's only been one hour since I put it up for sale. "

JD Thompson

Public Domain Mastery PLR Video Biz-In-A-Box

Limited Time Bonus For Acting Now:

Fast Action Bonus

Public Domain: The Secret Sauce (Valued at $47)

-Exposes the secret method to double or triple your profits in the public domain niche!

-Perfect for an upsell or to add to original course!

-High-Quality, High-Def MP4 video!

-This is where Public Domain content gets exciting!

Public Domain Mastery PLR Video Biz-In-A-Box

This is the TOP-OF-THE-LINE!  Finally, a chance to sell a Top Notch, High-Quality, Evergreen product with your name on it & keep 100% of the profits!

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Public Domain Mastery PLR Video Biz-In-A-Box

Our "Public Domain Mastery" PLR Package Comes With A 30-Day "100% Money Back Guarantee"

We are extremely confident that you will love this package. Yet, if you truly believe that, after applying the system, that it has provided nothing of value in any way, you can ask for a refund within 30 days with our "30-day Money Back Guarantee"!

Note: For refund & avoid abuse of return, we will need a valid reason along with proof that you tried our system but it did not work out for you!

What Can I Do With PLR Rights?

Private Label Rights Agreement

What You Can Do:

  • Sell it as-is!
  • Add content, Re-name & Re-brand it under your own name!
  • Bundle with other products for a high ticket price tag!
  • Offer it as a bonus for your other products!
  • Use it as a high priced webinar!
  • Give to your affiliates to promote you!
  • Add to paid membership sites!
  • Can be offered through auction sites for no less than $17
  • Can alter any of the graphics


What You Can't Do:

  • Can't publish as web content
  • Can't sell as it is for less than $17 dollars
  • Can't sell resell rights
  • Can't sell master resell rights
  • Can't sell private resell rights
  • Can't add to free membership sites

This Offer Ends Soon


This massive 70% discount is only available during the launch period, so don't hesitate to finally give yourself the key to lifestyle freedom.  

This is your chance! 

Finally, you'll have your own top-notch product to sell.  

Finally, you can profit week after week from anywhere in the world.

Think About This...

You probably spend $27 dollars on a dinner for two, or for a movie and popcorn.  

Instead of giving your money to someone else to pay for their freedom, why not invest in yourself so you can give yourself the opportunity to have Lifestyle Freedom?

Millions of dollars have been made from the Public Domain.  Now learn how to use it to make your financial goals possible!

And as you know, Evergreen topics will always be in demand and never get old.  They don't depend on other platforms, or rely on fads or sneaky marketing tactics to make big money.

There aren't many evergreen topics that come much hotter than Public Domain Mastery!

And it can be yours today.  Don't waste any more time.  Download Public Domain Mastery  with PLR rights NOW by clicking here.

This is the best product with a HUGE market and countless opportunities!

"Yes! I want to make money in this amazing evergreen market!  I am ready to fire my boss and make Passive Income right away!

Please send me my copy of "Public Domain Mastery" with Private Label Rights and the fast-action bonus RIGHT NOW!

I'm an action taker and am ready to beat my competitors to market and start making money IMMEDIATELY!

Normal Price $97 $47

Launch Price : ONLY $27.00
Public Domain Mastery PLR Video Biz-In-A-Box

P.S. Don’t waste time.  Sell this product with YOUR name on it and rake in cash IMMEDIATELY.  CLICK HERE to Download "Public Domain Mastery Business in a Box" with Private Label Rights NOW.

Become an action-taker so you can make passive income and begin the road to Lifestyle Freedom!

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